Rising Seas
California Ocean Protection Council along with California Ocean Science Trust brought together a group of sea level rise experts to develop “Rising Seas in California, an Update on sea level rise science.” CNAP researcher Dan Cayan was a co-author in the report that was published in April, 2017. The new report uses probabilistic projections of sea level rise along the coast of California for three different greenhouse gas scenarios based on Kopp et al., 2014. The report also includes a non-probabilistic value of 10 m by 2100, which accounts for large uncertainty surrounding the possible contribution of Antarctica to sea level rise. New ice-sheet modeling suggests that Antarctica may contribute more to sea level rise than previously thought, though this remains an active area of scientific research. The appendix of the report details the latest science aimed at better understanding the behavior of the Antarctic ice sheet under climate change. Given this uncertainty, one of the seven key points in the report was that waiting for scientific certainty is not safe or prudent in planning for seal level rise.

Griggs, G, J. Árvai, D. Cayan, R. DeConto, J. Fox, H.A. Fricker, R.E. Kopp, C. Tebaldi, E.A. Whiteman, (California Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team Working Group), 2017, Rising Seas in California: An Update on Sea-Level Rise Science. California Ocean Science Trust.
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New Legal Report on SLR Adaptation Strategies
As part of the Resilient Coastlines Project of Greater San Diego, a NOAA sponsored project, lead by the San Diego Climate Collaborative, a report on the Legal Risk Analysis for Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategies in San Diego was recently published.
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